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Saving device coordinates when capturing at a different location

05-02-2022 11:08 AM
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When capturing a point in Field Maps that is not at your device's current location, such as when capturing at a location chosen on the map or at a measure value, is it possible to save the device's coordinates in attribute fields?

It would be great if an Arcade expression could be written to save the device's latitude and longitude to numeric fields, in cases where the Shape field is capturing a different location, but I have not found a way to do so.

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@DougMorgenthaler @Skyler 
I think the field map's team would need to expose this in the Form Calculation Arcade Profile.  The closest I see so far for existing functionality in arcade is the location update arcade profile or the geotrigger notification arcade profile.  Niether seem to be the right fit, but are at least accessing the devices location.  I don't know if field maps supports this yet or not, but the runtime certainly does.

For reference here is the the form calculation arcade profile.

the location update constraint profile


the geotrigger notification profile


Something else that may interest you.

- Justin Reynolds, PE
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