"Save to layer" overwrites layer's Visualization settings

03-28-2023 12:56 PM
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When I use the "Save to Layer" option in the new Field Maps Designer, I lose the symbology and popup (and the attribute expression used in the popup) that I previously saved in the layer's Visualization tab.

I also made modification to the layer in the web map, changing its symbology and creating a new popup with an attribute expression. These were also lost when I reloaded the map after saving the form.

Is this expected behavior?


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Hello Ken,

Thank-you for your post.  This does not sound like expected behavior, we should be preserving modifications to the layer when the form is saved.

We did some testing and we are able to reproduce the issue in one specific case where we add a field from the layer's data tab after changing symbology.  We are looking into this case.

If possible would you be able to share the steps you went through that caused the issue for you?  Then we can add it to our tests as well.





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Hi Justin,

Thanks for the reply. It looks like this was a case of RTFM. I subsequently read the caution in the documentation about having the layer, map, and form designer open in multiple browser tabs. I thought I saved the one when I worked on it before moving to another one, but I'll be more careful about that in the future.

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