Contingent Values vs SubTypes

04-04-2023 11:53 AM
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I am creating a Field Maps map/form to collect road hazard data.

Each hazard type will have it's own "list" of available descriptions.  I have set this up with SubTypes and a separate description domain for each subtype.

On a separate dataset, I have also created Contingent Values with field groups limiting the available descriptions based on hazard type.

Both seem to behave similar in Field Maps, and limit the availalble options based on the hazard selected.

One difference, with the SubTypes, ONLY the values from that hazard type domain show as available options, with the contingent values, it shows the 'limited' list as recommended, then the rest of the values from the domain show up under "Other".

I am trying to figure out the most 'stable/effective' way to accomplish this, both seem to do the job I'm interested in.  Does anyone have any experience using these two methods in Field Maps app? 

I am curious if there are any suggestions one way or the other?  Have you had "issues" with one method, not the other, etc?

Thanks for any insight/advice,


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