"Map Layer Failed to Load" Domain Exists. Domain: ArcGIS_RUNTIME Code 3079

04-22-2022 03:43 PM
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I'm running Field Maps version 22.1.1 Build 1114 on an Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3, Android Version 11. I am seeing an issue where one of my map layers fails to load. This is a feature layer that was generated by Survey123 Connect 3.14.274 and has coded domain values. Oddly, it has loaded a few times today but when I closed and reopened Field Maps it did not load. 

If I click the share error option, I see this:

"Map Layer Failed to Load

Map: <map name>

Layer: <layer name>


Code: 3079

Domain Exists. 

If I load the same map on an iPad and iPhone it works fine. 

Any suggestions on how I can troubleshoot and solve this?  Our fields crews all have the same Samsung tablet, so I'm hoping to resolve this soon! 

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It's a bit odd that you don't consistently see this issue. Usually this error is caused by there being multiple domains within a feature service or within the same layer that have the same domain. See this support article for more details.So it may be possible that your survey has been published incorrectly.

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Thanks for your thoughts. I copied and pasted my survey configuration into a brand new template and republished it. I'm no longer seeing the issue. 

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