"GPS device not connected" when using Field Maps and Trimble DA2 with iOS

03-02-2022 06:51 PM
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We have been using a Trimble DA2 with Field Maps on an Android tablet for some time with no major issues, however we have just tried the same setup with iOS (iPhone 8 and 12) and we are having issues where:

-If we open the Trimble Mobile Manager the device connects and works fine

-If we open Field Maps it connects and works for a few minutes, and then Field Maps starts giving the "GPS device not connected" message

The only fix we seem to have been able to find so far, is to open the Field Maps profile settings and switch to integrated, and then back to the Trimble DA2.

I've read in some other questions in this forum that there seems to be some issues with Field Maps trying to opening more than one instance of Trimble Mobile Manager, or with it fighting with Mobile Manager for connection. Not sure if this is the cause of it, but the sequence that we open those apps does not seem to make a difference to whether or not the device will stay connected in Field Maps.

Is someone able to shed any light on this?

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Hi David,

Not sure if this helps, but I had a situation this week where our Trimble R2 was connected to an iPhone through wifi as well as bluetooth and was causing all sorts of problems. (I didn't even know we could DO that!)  Once I went into the wifi settings on the iPhone and forgot the connection to the R2 then everything was working fine.  Anyway, just something you might want to check.

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Thanks for your response Brian,

I had a look at my WiFi settings and couldn't see anything in there, but couldn't see anything. What ended up helping was going into our Field Maps profile and switching from the Trimble DA2 to "Integrated" and then back to the Trimble.

Really strange. I'm not sure if anyone from Esri will review these posts, but I suspect it might be something the Field Maps developers might want to look into...

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For iOS (and Android) when using DA2s, do not open TMM manually. Field Maps will automatically open TMM. TMM will not show data and looks to be offline but it is not. This is intended.

I was having the same issue when we switched from DA1s (for Android) to DA2s. If you try to connect in TMM and then open Field Maps, they "fight" each other for control. 

The only time you'll have to connect to TMM manually is for the initial set up of the Antenna. From there just make sure Field Maps is configured to the DA2 antenna. You can keep clicking that "GPS Device not connected" as the connection when opening field maps is not instantaneous. It may take like 30 seconds of clicking that but it should connect.

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Thanks for your message Carson,

Our Trimble reseller also told us to try that, but unfortunately it didn't work for us =(

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I am having this issue as well with these 3 products (Trimble Catalyst DA2, ESRI Field Maps, Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3.) Initial Trimble Mobile Manager setup went fine (login nags are scary but don't seem to be affecting offline field users) but this issue pops up at random times and it's bugging the heck out of my field crew and costing them precious time in the field, going out of their map, switching to integrated, going back into map, back out of map, switching to DA2, multiple times per day. I will post back here if I ever uncover any solutions, and I feel your pain!

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Curious to see if you have any updates concerning the Tab Active3. We are looking at purchasing it, but want to be careful if it is problematic with the Catalyst. Also, if it's working, how have you liked the Active3? It basically seems to be a replica of the Trimble TDC600, but with standard GPS instead of GNSS, for 1/4 the cost.



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I don't think it's the tablet that causes the connection issue, it's a Field Maps & Catalyst issue. Overall the Catalyst works great! It's just really annoying when Field Maps decides to stop talking to it, making you switch to integrated and back to Catalyst in the settings to make them talk again. So far it has always fixed the issue when it has arisen, but it's still a pain point for my users.