Field Maps with Javascript/Json calculation

02-25-2021 12:15 PM
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Hello all, 


I am curious if upcoming 'calculation' or 'attribute rule' allows user to communicate through http services. I have a survey123 form that uses pulldata @ javascript  and @ json to get geocoding results from the 3rd party API (like sending a request through url outside of Esri). Survey123 is great but it's not the best for offline use for my workflow at this moment, so I want to see what's possible with Field Maps functionalities.



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Hi Kerry,


This is currently not possible in Field Maps. In the future (hopefully later this year) Field Maps will support calculations using Arcade. At this time Arcade does not support making http requests to third party URLs/APIs. This is on the roadmap for Arcade though, so it likely we be possible in the future (possibly this year).

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Thanks @AaronPulver !

It would be really handy when that functionality comes in Arcade and Field Maps. That may address some challenges with Survey123 (published with Connect) that any changes in url/syntax need to be made within xls form, not on AGO environment or feature layers/maps directly.



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