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Pull Current Weather Temperature in Field Maps Form

08-21-2023 12:28 PM
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Is there a way to pull the current weather conditions into a form created in Field Maps? 

I have an inspection form that requires the current location's temperature, and I was seeing if that information could be pulled in when they open a new inspection.  

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Good question! I am not aware of a baked in method for retrieving external data points. I found this request but looks like it is still under consideration: HTTP Requests in Arcade 

If I had to accomplish this, I would create a layer in AGOL that was updated via Python script every hour or so. Something simple like a Date and Temp column (or whatever other metrics you need).

Then, Arcade could pull the latest row from the table and populate fields that way.

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hi, i don’t know how to do it in Field Maps directly but you can use applinking with Survey123 and do it there:

the Survey123 data on the other side can also be shown in Field Maps.

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You could try connecting with the Surface Weather Observations from the National Weather Service GIS Portal: Though it will only show you the near real time conditions at an airport. Lots of other cool data though, worth exploring.

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Hi and thank you for your question! I used some weather station data from The Living Atlas and added it to my map. Then I used this Arcade expression to pull the temperature from the nearest station: 

var weatherStations = FeatureSetByName($map, "Stations")

var nearestStation = First(Intersects(weatherStations, BufferGeodetic($feature, 10, 'miles')))

return nearestStation.TEMP + "°F"

I hope you find this helpful.