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Field Maps: Unable to Add Related Table Entry to Point Feature

08-14-2023 10:19 PM
New Contributor


I have a published feature service layer (point feature layer) with a related table, that is used to collect additional, optional data. I can view and add point features to the layer no problem, but when I go to add an entry to the related table on both new and existing point features, I get an error that says, "The form contains unsupported data" and it won't let me fill out the related table form. I have smart forms configured for both the point layer and the related table, and I was able to do this without any issues up until last week (same device, same map, same feature layers). I am using the iOS Field Maps App v.23.2.3 Build 1019.

Any help / advice is appreciated!


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Occasional Contributor

Hi Kelsey! Have you found/heard any solutions for this? We're having a similar issue and are unsure if the issue is with the latest version of the mobile app, or if it's from our end (even though we haven't made any changes to our data/set up).