Public Data Collection Enabled Layers on Field Map Does Not Allow Non-ESRI Users To Collect Data

10-12-2021 03:16 PM
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I have a Field Map with 1 editable and 3 non-editable (reference) layers. My goal is for people within the organization (with ESRI accounts) and those outside the organization (without ESRI accounts) to be able to collect data using the Field Map and the associated Smart Form. To do so, I have enabled Public Data Collection, Editing, Keep Track of created and updated features, Keep track of who created and updated features and Enable Sync. 

While the Field Map works as intended with an ESRI log in, it does not allow data collection without an ESRI account. It was my understanding that Field Maps with Public Data Collection enabled, can be used by non-ESRI users to collect data.  

Have I missed a setting here? I would really appreciate any input on this. 




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Field Maps requires an ArcGIS organizational account with the correct privileges and licenses to edit features. You can find the exact requirements under the "Use maps enabled for editing" section in this documentation.

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