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Prefix for Photo Attachments from Field

02-16-2022 06:18 AM
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Is it possible to add a prefix when creating an attachment that is reflective of the user who created the attachment? Specifically I would like to add a prefix to the attachment name that reflects the user who took the photo in the field. Right now for some features there are two Photo 1.jpgs for the same feature. Is there a way to add a prefix so that you have 01_Photo 1.jpg and 02_Photo1.jpg. 01 and 02 being the user in the field.

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@CarsonG, I'm not aware of a way to do this in a dynamic sort of way that names the photo before or just as it is attached to the feature.

What I've usually done for this is concatenate several fields together (like a FieldUserName field plusFeatureName field) to make an alternative photo name (i.e., "Joe_Wetland1.jpg," or "Sally_Wetland2.jpg") and then use the attachment export and rename process to execute the renaming.

Hope this helps a bit.

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Thanks @ThomasHamill , I will look into that a little more on my return from my next field trip.

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This can be done by using Survey123 in your field collection workflow. By default it prefixes with the image question name but this can be set in the bind:esri:parameters

However I'm looking for a way this can be done in Field Maps?

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Good morning Felicitychun, thank you for this. Our work flow is in Field Maps so I too am looking for this.

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