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05-27-2021 01:23 AM
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I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2, and when adding an attachment to a feature within Field Maps, the photo is then being saved to the device (thus eating into the storage).

I am pressing "Take Photo", and I've always found this doesn't save to the device when using iOS or other android devices.

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

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by Anonymous User
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Hi @RonParis 

I see this on a Pixel 4a device as well. I see it saving to the DCIM folder - is that also where you are seeing the photos stored? I'm going to look into this and will get back to you. Thanks for raising this concern.

Edit: This is a known issue we are aware of: BUG-000135739. The description is specific to offline maps but this issue also exists for online maps.

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Thanks @Anonymous User. That's correct yes. What's interesting - and I don't know if this is device specific - is that the images only appear in the DCIM folder when the device is restarted, otherwise they don't appear initially. 

Is there a timeline for when this is likely to be resolved? 

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Hi, I was wondering if there had been any developments on this bug? I have multiple field crews out on android phones undertaking site surveys on phones we have locked down so they can only access FieldMaps.



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