Floor Picker Not Showing Up

01-04-2022 12:59 PM
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All of a sudden the floor picker is gone from our Field Maps apps. Nothing in our data is changed and the units, levels and facilities layers are configured following the Indoors model. Anyone else noticing this issue? We're on Enterprise 10.7.1, but we'll be upgrading to 10.9.1 soon. 

I noticed that Field Maps version 21.4.0 was pushed out about two weeks ago, and that's about when we started noticing the issue. 

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Hi @LeviCecil ,

The way indoors/floor aware information is stored in a Webmap has changed. In short, you will need to configure/alter the existing Webmaps through Pro to declare specific aspects to the indoors data model. This is a good short read which explains the tools and workflow. More specifically, you can open your existing Webmaps in Pro and update the map properties to declare which feature classes contain "Facility", "Site" and "Floor" information and for each floor aware feature layer in the map, you just have to adjust the layer properties to declare which field is acting as the floor identifier, explained in this documentation.

This makes Field Maps and ArcGIS much more flexible because now we can work with any feature class or feature service as long as the appropriate fields are present; same holds for the floor ID fields. This does mean the Indoors extension is required in order to use these tools but does open up the ability to view the floor picker in Pro. If this is extension unavailable to you I would suggest working with your Account Manager to see if we can offer a trial version so you can decide if this functionality meets your needs. I hope this helps provide some detail. 



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Hi @ColinLawrence ,

Thank you for that information! I have been researching why my floor-aware webmaps broke in Field Maps after the last update and this is important information. I wish it would have been better communicated by Esri. I really appreciate you taking the time to post it here so we're not left guessing. 

My follow-up question:

My org does not have the Indoors extension but I noticed that if I manually add certain properties (e.g. mapFloorInfo, floorInfo, etc.)  to my webmap's json I can still get my Field Maps app to display the floor filter. I don't want to do anything this hacky in a prod. environment and would like to understand if (1)the requirement for the Indoors extension is just a temporary technical limitation because those properties can't be configured through the webmap viewer or some other user interface, or (2)if it truly is a licensing limitation and long-term the Field Maps product roadmap counts on organizations having the Indoors extension to use floor-aware maps. Can you clarify that?

Thank you!   



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Hey! Could you detail a little more about what properties you added the webmap's json? Or even just share your code? I'm not familiar with doing this sort of thing AT ALL (literally no idea how to even edit my webmap's json), but boy am I salty that they just took the floor picker away all of a sudden. It is VITAL to a lot of the maps we use but I do not have the Indoors license so I have to find a way. Not cool, Esri, not cool. 

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Hi @TobiasFimpel1 ,

Good questions. Field Maps does not require any of the different indoors license levels at all. What Field Maps requires is for the floor information to be in the webmap's JSON. The best tools to configure the floor properties of a webmap are in ArcGIS Pro and those tools do require a user with the Indoors Pro User Type Extension. @Will_Isley on the indoors team should be able to provide more information here. 

Hope this helps,