Offline Maps with Compression in Field Maps

10-21-2022 11:15 AM
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I created 6 Offline Map Areas using ArcGIS Enterprise for different Zoom creates Replicas in Distributed Geodatabase. It's there in Geodatabase until we delete them manually. 

When Some one download Offline Maps to their Mobile and it creates another replica in geodatabase. 

The purpose of these offline maps are just READ_ONLY not for EDITING and it creates SEND_ and RECEIVE_ Versions in Geodatabase table. 

Due to this, I couldn't  do full compress the geodatabase until you delete these SEND_ and RECIVE_ Records from sde_Versions table and delete Replicas in geodatabase. 

is there any way to do compress without deleting these versions and replicas from database?

I am using ArcGIS Enterprise 11.0 




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