how use Conditional Visibility to filter question dropdown?

10-20-2022 11:27 AM
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I have one question which you select NYC borough from dropdown and another question for community borough code dropdown.
How can use Conditional Visibility or Arcade to filter community borough code dropdown when you select for example Manhattan?


Manhattan- Code: 101,102, 103,104, 105, 106 etc



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Thanks for respond
we already published this dataset. I am looking to do this with arcade if possible?

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There is currently no arcade mechanism in Field Maps to support this.  Conditional Visibility is field state and can have no control over the values held in a drop down.  The field itself is either visible or not.

You are seeking app level contingent values which is not a thing at this point.  I 100% support this idea as anything that must be done in Pro is suddenly not a scalable solution.  In my case my contingent values won't be set in stone, they may change by the hour.

For values to be in a dropdown menu they MUST be in a domain on that field.  For one domain to control the options in another domain it must be configured as such in Pro and published that way and then further configured in Field Maps. 

- Justin Reynolds, PE