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offline area failed to download error: tile export is not enabled on world hillshade

06-08-2023 09:12 AM
Occasional Contributor

I was able to download an offline area yesterday, then today when I tried to download an offline area it failed.

I removed the hillshade part of the map service and then I was able to download an offline area. Is this something ESRI needs to fix or could I fix it on my end?


Also, the Field Maps designer was glitchy this morning. My form I created on Monday was gone and the tool switched from Expression Builder to Arcade. Then about ten minutes later the Expression Builder tool was available to use again so I could recreate the form.



Is anyone else having these issues?


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I have had several files that will not download the offline area, and did not have hillshade.  I have ended up recreating Web Map, pop-ups for non-edits, and forms in Field map designer.   In addition, the forms for separate feature layers will show up in designer and in the web map - but does not show up in the right attribute order inside the field maps app.  Other workflows with web map/field map combo have forms created previously that show up in the application.  I have not been able to figure out a logical reason for this.  I concur that the field maps designer has been quite glitchy lately.

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I'm still getting this error:

"Tile Export is not enabled" for the World Imagery MapServer, when I try to download an offline area in field maps.


I had an offline area in field maps using the map server and removed it this morning so I could add one column to my table. When I redownloaded the offline area it failed to download. Sometimes I can download the map using the basemap and sometimes I can't and I don't know why it isn't working.

 I read this article and don't know if it is related:



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