Netowrk data structure for bus routes

11-27-2021 05:13 AM
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Dear All,

This may be a very basic question, but I am new to Network analysis and am unable to figure out how to go about the following workflow:

We are creating a system to map existing bus routes in the city and monitor passenger traffic in and out of the buses for 1 whole week. We are starting with the bus route data which we already have, for example, in the following image:


the bus goes from point a to point b, and back along the same route, approx 10 times a day, stopping at the points marked in the middle.

This data is on a point and line feature class respectively, and the lines and points are accurately snapped to each other. Field workers are going to collect the pasegners in and out at each stop, each time the bus stops there, for 1 week using ArcGIS field maps. We are trying to figure out how to integrate that data, into the data about the bus route. I have set up the necessary relationship classes to store the data in a table related to each bus stop, but am unclear how to link the data collected at the points to data about the routes themselves. 

Any help on this will be much much appreciated.

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Network Analyst is used specifically in creating a routable network designed to model travelers optimizing their journeys from Point A to Point B, and other related analysis. I don't think this is what you're trying to do, so I'm going to move this question to a different forum where hopefully you can get some answers.

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