Audio alerts while collecting GPS data

11-29-2021 10:46 AM
New Contributor

Before switching to ESRI-based field mapping software, our previous software from another developer had the option to make the recording device beep each time a GPS position was recorded, along with a different audio alert when signal was lost. This is extremely useful in forest settings, where you need to look up to walk through the forest and not down at the screen while recording. It's also a safety feature, as looking down at the screen while walking through the forest is a good way to trip and get hurt. It's really not enough to have the device make a sound only when signal is lost; it is important to have the beep-beep-beep as you are recording a walk file / GPS traverse through the woods. Does anyone know how to make this work in Field Maps? Our devices are Android tablets; if Field Mapper cannot do it by default, is there some way to do it through Android's OS / settings / apps? I will be surprised if this functionality doesn't already exist in the Field Mapper software right out of the box. If it doesn't, please add it for the next software update. The link below is from a similar post in 2018; I don't see a response from ESRI to that person's post.

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