Maps fail to sync in offline mode when joined layer in map

06-16-2021 05:26 AM
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I am using field maps for some retail survey collection. The editable data consists of a hosted feature class containing a point dataset for the sites and a related table for the surveys (multiple surveys for each site)

The symbology needs to reflect the most recent survey data and it appears still that the only way to do this is to join the data and save as a hosted feature view and add to the map.

This works fine all the time there is an internet connection, but if you need to take the map offline, it downloads fine but will not sync back, giving a very helpful general error code 500.

This is a huge issue as not everywhere has a connection. Additionally, when taking photos, you do not always wish to be constantly syncing over a chargable/unstable connection and would rather wait until in range of a decent wifi signal.

Has anyone else encountered this and/or know a way to resolve it?




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Yea join layers will get you. 

You can use Arcade to do this instead.  See this post 

Hope that helps you.

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