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Map layers failing to load in Field Maps app

05-03-2023 11:32 AM
New Contributor

Layers in my map are not loading on Field Maps. There is an orange triangle and it says "Layer failed to load". The error, when I share it, says:

"Domain: NSURLErrorDomain
Code: -1004
Description: Could not connect to the server."

The layers that aren't showing up are hosted on our server, pulling from an SDE. Two layers that ARE showing up were added to the map a different way and aren't pulling from the SDE. Any idea on how to fix this?

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MVP Notable Contributor

Not sure about the SDE data, and how you are loading it into Field Maps, but, I had a similar issues a while back with Hosted Feature service in AGOL.

I had updated my domains on a particular field programatically.  Turns out, I had a duplicate domain in there, and layer would NOT load into Field Maps until I removed the duplicate.

Not sure if it helps, but one place to check.


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