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11-14-2022 03:49 AM
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I'm looking for suggestions as to which app i could use if i want to easily switch features on and off on my device so that the rest of my work group can see those changes when they go into an app/map on their own devices. I would be using point features where i would want to switch on individual points to show there is a sensor in the ground or switch off when they have been removed. I can easily do this from my desktop but would like to do it in the field on my phone and would like an easy to view solution for the rest of my work group.

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@RyanDavidson1 There are multiple ways to achieve the stated requirements.

  1. Symbology: Add an attribute field (on/off values) in the data that can be then updated as needed. Symbolize using this field to show on-sensors as bright colors, bigger size etc. You mute, grey the off-sensors or make them invisible. Choose the symbology such that the service published honors the symbology and apps like ArcGIS Instant Apps, Experience Builder (connected)  and ArcGIS Field Maps (supports disconnected) renders the same schema. 
  2. Definition Query: Use the attribute field to set a filter or definition query
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I would take a look at the new filters for layers that just came out last week.

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