Limiting subtypes in Field Map forms

04-29-2021 09:31 AM
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Hi folks,

I have developed a Field Maps app for our staff to perform inspections on our Department’s Lands in California.  The inspection app allows the user to select from a dropdown list (developed as a subtype in the database) to choose the type of observation that they are making (e.g., an Infrastructure Issue, Natural Resource Observations, Fire Damage Assessment, Infrastructure Inventory, etc.).  Once they have selected the observation subtype, they are then presented with another dropdown that has the specific observation type (e.g., Broken Fence line, Garbage/Trash, Unauthorized road, etc.). These observations types are set up as domains in the database

While I currently have one Field Map App that provides the user with access to all of the subtypes and types, I would like to have a number of Field Map apps that all use the same database, but that restrict access to some of the Observation Subtype/Domains in the popup forms.  For example, I would like to set up a Field Map app that is specific to Fire Damage Assessment in which the user has access to the subtypes/domains associated with the Fire Damage Assessment subtype, but not to other Subtype/Domain combinations like Natural Resource Observations and Infrastructure Inventory.

Is there any way to limit which subtype/domains are accessible in the popup forms? 

I tried using the layer query function, but that just seems to filter what is visible on the map but doesn’t limit the subtypes on the form.

I have also tried developing view layers with similar luck.

Basically, I would like to have control at the app level of which subtypes are available.  Any ideas?

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