Field Maps Connection to Azure ArcGIS enterprise issue

04-29-2021 08:33 AM
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Hi Esri Field Apps Team:

We are facing serious challenge on Esri Field Maps on our mobile device. [Say iPhone 8]

Esri native mobile apps (Field Maps is the main focus, but Collector appears to experience the same challenge) can access our Azure-based ArcGIS Enterprise (AGE) - version 10.8.1. 
authenticate to it, and get a list of web maps. The apps cannot then “open the web maps” (i.e. access the services). AGE is using SAML based authentication.

A browser on the same mobile device is able to do all of this, including access the services.
Launching either the browser or the native mobile apps automatically invokes the VPN , regardless of whether the device is on a private corporate network (e.g. corporate WiFi) or other network.
The VPN is required to be able to connect to the Azure-based AGE.

Question: How to troubleshoot this field app connection issue to AGE?.

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