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Layer Visibility in Map for Field Maps

02-01-2022 08:09 AM
New Contributor

I am creating a map with several layers to be used out in the field.  Does Field Maps allow the person using the mobile app in the field to click one of the layers in the map on and off?  It seems to be the case but I wanted to be sure.

Also, can this be done even if the user is offline?  Thanks!

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Esri Regular Contributor

Hi @CarolRudolph ,

Yes, the Layers tool can be used in Field Maps to toggle the visibility of the layers in the map. This can be done whether the map is online or offline.



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Occasional Contributor II

Field Maps will allow the mobile device user to toggle layers on and off. On the top of the mobile device screen, with a map open in Field Maps, the layer icon is to the search icon. You may have to scroll down through the list depending on how many layers are present.

There are On Device Layers (like a Mark up layer) and general Map Layers.

Good Luck.

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