Layer Filter by Date in Field Maps

04-03-2023 02:26 PM
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I want to allow my Field Maps mobile users to filter features they create by date. Currently, features are added in overlapping areas so being able to see which features were added on what days would be extremely useful. I see the option to add a "Layer Filter" in the App Settings section of Field Maps Designer, but the Date field is not an option there. 

Am I missing something? Is there some other setting that I need to enable? In my opinion, being able to filter by date is a pretty standard feature but does Field Maps just not have that functionality yet? And if it doesn't, are there other options to achieve this goal?

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It is not supported... yet.  see the link below.

It is unclear whether or not filter by date or numeric fields is on their road map.  My guess is yes. It seems trivial so there may be some limitation or decision that was made to only support text fields and fields with coded values for the initial release.

Configure the Map 

- Justin Reynolds, PE
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Limitations aside, layer filters need to support date and numeric fields.  I was pumped to see this added for Field Maps only to be disappointed by the date limitation which is the key filter we need for our utility inspections dataset.  Alternatively, the ability to inherit the filters applied in the web map would be fantastic - to be able to toggle the filter on/off that was already built in the web map.  

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Has this feature been added on yet? This would be extremely helpful. Or does anyone know of a work around?

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This would be a nice enhancement. It would allow field staff to adjust the work tracking layer I have running.

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This this is the number one functionality that all my end users ask for across all projects. I currently have to create a view layer for each feature layer they want to filter time for, and then set a static filter (e.g. In the past 2 weeks). This workaround doesn't allow any flexibility and is cumbersome to manage, since I have to delete those view layers each time there's a schema change. Please please implement a time-filter. 

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People I work with need this functionality (filtering by date in Field Maps) as well - I hope this happens soon...

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