JSONObject["objectid"] not found when creating feature

12-20-2022 07:58 AM
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I work for a water utility and I published a map in the Portal that field crews were using to conduct service line inspections some months ago. I received a call that suddenly crews were not able to submit inspections (creating points on an inspection layer).

When I reviewed the errors, it was a combination of "JSONObject["ObjectId"] not found" when attempting to create points, and "Unable to Delete Object ID '{99999CA-B9AC-A99999B99D}' is not valid". Clearly, in the second error there is a globalid being written into a objectid field somehow. When I disabled attachments, the error seemed to discontinue.

At first I thought that the layer attachments were causing the issue but after many tests, I noticed that the error only seems to occur when I have multiple point layers in the map. It only seems to happen when using Field Maps. Collector does not have this issue. Likewise, I am able to add and delete points when editing the published map directly online. 

Has anyone had this same issue? Were you able to resolve? I published the map using Pro ver 2.8.3 . I have attempted to research this issue unsuccessfully and hoping someone might provide insight. 

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