Is there a way to edit the foreign key field in a related table in Field Maps?

11-04-2021 06:13 PM
New Contributor

Hi all,

I have a set of points with a related standalone table for tracking inventory items (laptops, furniture, etc.) in a school at the room level. In this case, UNIT_ID (per the ArcIndoors data model) serves as the key.

I'm intending for the staff members to use Field Maps to create and update item records, but reassigning an item to another room requires editing the foreign key. Field Maps, at least how I currently have it set up, does not allow you to edit the foreign key in a related table.

I would just create a duplicate field then update the foreign key using an attribute rule, but but my understanding is attribute rules aren't supported in AGOL (yet). The only workaround I can think of is to use a Notebook task to copy over a duplicate field, which is not ideal.

Is anyone aware of a solution to this or another workaround? I'd really like for the entire functionality of this system to work on mobile.

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