Does Field Maps App consume Portal locators

10-03-2022 02:04 PM
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Just wanted to confirm that the Field Map App DOES NOT consume locators that are published to your Portal (ArcGIS Enterprise)?  The locators are available if I consume the web map in the Portal map viewer, but when I consume the web map in the Field Maps App, I can only navigate to configured layers in the map or by address, we are not able to choose Locators that are available on our Portal.  Just wanted to ensure that this is the expected behavior.


 - Jake

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Hi Jake,

Just trying to see if I could get an ArcGIS Enterprise locator service to be available for search in Field Maps and it seems to match up with your experience.  The documentation suggests it's only about the layers configured in web map itself and I can't find any reference to configuring locators for Field maps.

Quick reference—ArcGIS Field Maps | Documentation

I seem to remember in the Explorer app that the first configured locator in your Portal WAS available within the app if you were signed in, although I can't seem to get that to work for me right now (Explorer no longer available in app stores anyway).

Using Locator in Explorer for ArcGIS - Esri Community

Would be good to hear from the Fields Maps team if there is any support planned for using locator services in an online map?


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Actually looks like the same behaviour with the first configured locator of your portal does work after all in Field Maps.  I think it was my phone misbehaving when I first tested it but I had another go and it is now working.  So one workaround option that we're considering is to have a "super" composite locator which pulls together all other locators and is set as the first one in the portal.