Inserting image attachments option within a conditional group

10-17-2022 08:20 AM
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Would like to know if Field Maps has the functionality to allow for image attachment options within a conditional group. For example, say a user selects an inspection type. A new group of questions will popup depending on the inspection type. Within that group of questions, I would like to insert a photos attachment option since it would only pertain to that group.

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In May 2022 I asked whether this was supported yet in Field Maps in the Early Adopters community.

Here is the official response from one of the devs:

"It is not supported yet. It's in the product plan but depends on some work in the mobile geodatabase and runtime..."


You may find this of interest.

So the good news is that it is already supported in the web map spec.  The bad news is that we will have to wait a little longer to have inline attachment capabilities in Field Maps. 

- Justin Reynolds, PE
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