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How to create a new feature using copy shape from another feature in another layer (table). (App has related tables).

04-17-2024 02:40 PM
Occasional Contributor

Hi -  We are using Field Maps to collect data about marshes along the shoreline.  The Field Maps App created uses related tables.  The parent (table) polygon is the Monitoring Site. This table has related tables (layers, such as Photo Station, Treatment Area, etc.).  The Treatment Area layer or table also has related tables to allow multiple inspections. One related table is the Marsh Zone polygon. Users delineate the boundaries of an existing marsh area as a polygon in the app.  Another related table (layer) is Planted Marsh. A user draws a polygon around areas of a marsh that have been planted.  Each of these polygons has different fields and forms attached the them and are separate layers.

A planted marsh polygon can sometimes be the same area as a marsh polygon (i.e. The entire marsh area has been planted).  In these cases, is it possible in Field Maps App for a user to copy an existing marsh polygon from the Marsh layer and paste it into the Planted Marsh layer as a new feature and then fill out the form to fill in the attributes of the planted marsh area? This is possible if you don't have related tables. Does anyone know how to do this if related tables are involved?  Thank you!


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