How to add or duplicate circle polygon of set radius

12-28-2021 01:48 PM
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Our users need a way to define a field data collection area by either drawing a circle with a set radius or copying an existing circle with all attributes and pasting it into a new location. Are either of these options possible with field maps? I’ve tried clicking the copy option when selecting an existing circle, but I haven’t figured out how to paste the circle into a new location. I just get a prompt to draw a new geometry after I click copy. Are only the attributes copied? Any suggestions on how we can accomplish this task?

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by Esri Contributor
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I understand this behavior may be caused by the settings in the Field Maps web app:

Depending on the copy settings configured in the Field Maps web app, you can choose from the following options:

  • Copy attributes—Copy the feature's attributes to a new feature.
  • Copy shape—Copy the feature's shape to a new feature.
  • Copy all—Copy the feature's attributes and shape to a new feature.

Configure the map—ArcGIS Field Maps | Documentation


Could you please check in the web app to see which setting is used? If Copy All or Copy Shape is used, the Geometry should be copied. Please see if this works for you.

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Hi Kanin,

Thanks for your response. I'm still struggling to copy geometry, but maybe I'm doing something wrong? Here are the steps I followed:

1. Create a hosted feature layer and update editing settings to allow user to add a feature, update (geometry and attributes) and delete. 

2. Add the hosted feature layer to a web map.

3. Go to the Field Maps web app, open the map, click on App Settings, and check the "Copy Shape" box and uncheck "Copy Attributes" and "Copy All" options.

4. Open the map in the Field Maps app.

5. Click on a feature 

6. Click the copy button. A new collect screen appears with all of the attributes filled in and an option to Add Point. What can I do to make the new geometry copy appear? 

Also, I'm not sure why the attributes are copied if I only have the "Copy Shape" box checked. I wonder if the app settings are not being transferred to the map when I open it in Field Maps? 

Is there something else I need to do to get this to work? 



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I upgraded to the most recent version of Field Maps and was able to get the feature copy to work. Now, I need to figure out how to move the copied polygon to a new location. Here's the use case I'm trying to solve:  Field crews have a circular sample area with a 40m radius that has been predetermined on desktop GIS. When visiting the site, they sometimes find that sample area needs to be shifted to a new location  30-60m away. Ideally, they could specify a new lat/lon and create a buffer to get the new sample area, but I haven't found a way to do that in Field Maps. Thus, I was thinking that if they could copy and paste the existing circle, they could drag it to the new location. Any suggestions on how to accomplish this? 

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