HELP! Conditional Visibility Not Working

08-02-2022 07:18 PM
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I am using the Form builder in Field Maps. I have a point type field with domains. I want the rest of the fields to show up when/if a certain point type is chosen. Eg. The Animal Den Comments field will appear if the Point Type is "Animal Den". This should be fairly straightforward from what I've read... the arcade syntax would be: 

DomainName($feature, "POINT_TYPE") == "Animal Den"

Alternatively, the Leading Overstory Species field would appear if Leading Overstory was chosen as the Point Type: 

DomainName($feature, "POINT_TYPE") == "Leading Overstory Composition"

 But this does not seem to work... all of the attribute fields still appear in the map when editing features. Please and thank you for your help!

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Hi Marie,

Did you test this in the arcade editor?  Does it return a Boolean value (true or false) when testing it?

Did you set this up as a form calculation by accident instead of as a visibility constraint?

Also, I preferer to work with the coded value rather than the Name/Description. They are are often shorter and less apt to be messed with for the sake of the user.



- Justin Reynolds, PE