GetUser() When Offline and Disconnected

03-07-2023 09:22 AM
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I have seen a few discussions about GetUser() not working when using Field Maps in a disconnected environment:

Form Calculate GetUser() Offline - Esri Community

Some discussion above was a bit muddled because not everyone was tested in a disconnected environment. Ultimately, no solution worked while offline.

Solved: Field Maps, Offline Map, Arcade Calculation Expres... - Esri Community

BUG-000155887: Arcade expressions fail to calculate when using offl.. (

The two above links seem to suggest that this is in fact, a bug that may be addressed down the road.

Has anyone come up with a way to get the current user's information in Field Maps when offline? Or do we have to wait until a bug fix/enhancement is released? 

The only workaround I could think of was to use editor tracking fields, but these fields are not populated until after a data point is collected. So form calculations needing this information will not have it unless the user re-edits the newly added point. This is not a great solution.

When we use Field Maps, many users like to create IDs in their data that includes their initials. This should be easily automated.


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I have done some more research into this and believe I have found a more viable solution.

What specifically does not work when offline is:


 Using firstName or lastName also does not work. When I checked the Field Maps mobile app error log, the actual error for the Arcade expression is "field_not_found."

So clearly, a user's full name is not part of the dictionary returned by GetUser. So instead, I tried the following:


I figured, the editor tracking fields clearly have access to usernames, so maybe GetUser() does too. This DOES work while offline. When I say offline I mean my device is in airplane mode and I am using either an offline area created on the device, or an offline area created in Field Maps Designer. I tested both.


In my specific case, our organization uses first initial and last name as part of their usernames, so I can still get the information I want. I won't mark this as a solution though, as it is not quite as good as retrieving a full name. I also find it frustrating that this is not documented anywhere in the Field Maps references or the Arcade reference.

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They said at Dev Summit that full name does not work yet since it is not part of the offline info and they are working to find a way to support it.