Gaps in Tracker points while working with offline Field Maps

02-16-2022 07:21 AM
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My organization is using offline Field Maps with Tracker to collect remote field work tracks. We use Trimble TDC600s which run on Android 10. We are experiencing unexpected gaps in Track point collection where GPS tracks are not recorded for several minutes. In the example below, someone is walking roughly left to right through relatively sparse canopy cover and the gap starts minute:sec 43:8 until minute:sec 55:32. In between those two points, the data collector is walking and points should be recorded.

Staff have also noted similar issues when Tracking while driving between sites which I suspect has to do with the GPS being inside a vehicle.

1) Have other folks experienced similar issues with GPS track capture?

2) Any suggestions on settings that would help.



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Hi @Mitch_East ,

We are similarly using offline maps with Field Maps and surveyors have the tracker extension. Surveyors are using iPad Pros with Garmin Glo external GPS, but also do have a cellular iPad to have an internal GPS.

We have had really good luck with tracks for some users and then others have had repeated sporadic issues in collecting tracks. Turning off the smart-rendering has been suggested by @Anonymous User and I believe this did help. We are gearing up for more aerial surveys using the apps so we'll see. 

I had a number of posts last year that might be useful, but in short you're not alone with gaps.

Tracks not showing after update - Esri Community



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by Anonymous User
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You may want to try turning off the battery optimization setting for location tracking. With this setting on (which is the default), locations are only requested when the device is in motion. By turning it off, locations are always requested regardless of the activity.

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Hi @Anonymous User, 

We are also experiencing unexpected gaps in Track point collection where GPS tracks are not recorded for several hours or minutes.

Workers are using Samsung Galaxy S20+.

In the attached log file "logs2848154466837734984": Feb 20. The gap starts minute:sec 12:52 until minute:sec 15:56.

Should we turn off the battery optimization settings? Yes or No?

Any additional suggestions on settings would help us.





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Thank you both. @kmsmikrud @Anonymous User 

We will try turning off smart-rendering and batter optimization and see it how it performs.

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