Form visibility expression not working correctly

05-02-2023 07:23 AM
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I have 13 fields that 4 are required and the other 9 fields are not required.

The 4 that are required have </> Visible, * Required, and </> Calculated set on them while the other 9 fields just have </> Visible logic. This is because seeing that they are required and hidden in certain situations, I need to auto calculate an "NA" for those fields.

Of those 13 fields, I have logic that I do not want them displayed unless the control method is Chemical. However, when create a feature, using a template, in the webmap and in field maps, those fields do not show up - no matter what is selected.

The arcade expression I am currently using on the fields that I do not want displayed unless the control method selected is 'Chemical' is :

DomainName($feature, "CONTROL_METHOD") == "Chemical"
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