Filtering Domains by map

12-13-2022 09:50 AM
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Is it possible to set up a filter on a field with domains? We have a project that involves multiple agencies - the main agency should have full access to everything, and no matter how many times we try to communicate to other agencies, they choose domains they are not supposed to. 

For better context, Agency 1 has full access to a list of statuses and the authorization to select 1-7. Agency 2 is ONLY supposed to select Status 1, which will flag it for Agency 1 to take action and assign it the appropriate status. Each agency has their own map and access to fields is limited in the form for each map, so it can feed the same database with some controls on what data can be edited by each.

It would be awesome if we could set filters up by map to limit domain choices. I realize this could probably be set up with contingent values before publishing, however, as projects evolve sometimes that contingent value link gets outdated.


Is this possible?

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This just got added for us in the last update.  See here

You just need to config it in the Field Maps app.  Sorry I cannot find a link for the help on it.  But basically you can set any fields you want to filter and avoid making a bunch of maps now.  See the end of the link above.  Hope that helps

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Found some documentation of it here.

However, it appears as if that behaves just like a definition query and determines which features are drawn on the map.  Does not seem to have anything to do with the form or adding new features.  Can easily add features that are "filtered" out, but they will dissapear as soon as you submit them as long as there is a filter on.


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