Fields in Related Tables are out-of-scope for Condition Visibility and Calculations

02-10-2023 01:09 PM
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    I am trying to make a field in a Related Table visible and/or required based on the condition of a field in the parent table/ feature service. Is this possible? If not, how are other people working around this. Another similar issue I have is running a calculation in my parent table based on fields in a related table. 

    I have goals of organizing my data into separate tables but I might need to combine the information in my tables if it's out of scope. 


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Have you tried pulling the data from the parent table into the related table record as a non-editable field (can be hidden also) and then referencing that field in your conditional visibility calculation? Yes you'll have an extra field in your related table, but this way you have all the data you need available to use for non-Arcade queries.  This post might be helpful.

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