FieldMaps offline basemap not downloading (again!)

12-12-2022 11:11 AM
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Hey everyone! Just trying to set off some field work projects for the week for data collection on FieldMaps, and the offline basemap areas just refuse to download today - was totally fine over the weekend when I was setting up another project, but yesterday the wheel of death (download bar) gets to about a quarter and then just stops completely...anyone else experiencing this issue? Have tried it across numerous devices from GPS's to mobile phones, but nothing seems to work. Have tried the usual log in, log out, reinstall app approach but nothing seems to work! Halph! We had a similar problem about a year ago when fieldmaps was doing some sort of upgrade in the background, and it's very frustrating.


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Our organisation are experiencing the same issue. It appears to be related to New Zealand-specific aerial imagery basemaps. The World Imagery basemap works fine, as does the NZ Light Grey Canvas (Vector) basemap.

Good luck!  

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