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Field Maps - Problem Change User Profile

05-10-2022 01:16 PM
New Contributor

we use Field Maps (latest version) on Samsung Tab Active 3 tablets (ANDROID OS), and we are unable to change user profile. We deleted the App, reinstalled Field Maps, we still stick to the same user profile. 

With my iPHONE (iOS), I can change easily. 

Do you have a solution for this?

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Regular Contributor

What type of sign in are you using?  If it is Oath you may need to clear your browsers cookies and site data.   On the tab 3, is your default browser the Samsung browser or chrome?  If it is Samsung's browser simply switching the default browser to chrome might do the trick the first time.  After that if you want to change users on the same device you will need to clear chromes site data.

Steps for clearing cache: for chrome, open browser, go to overflow menu, choose settings, choose Privacy and Security, choose Clear Browsing History, check Cookies and site data then clear data:f221def4-9a48-42cd-8325-3ea60d48a7bb.jpg

Also, field maps now has some additional settings that you can find in the developer settings with regards to signout.  When in the apps settings, tap the user avatar 3 times to access the developer settings.  There some items in there that may help you.

- Justin Reynolds, PE
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