Field Maps popup title not displaying field values

11-08-2021 05:32 PM
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I am using Field maps for IOs and ArcGIS online and when I configure popups through the web app with a field name, like {name}, the popup in the mobile app does not display the value of this field for the given feature but instead the text {name}.

The layer in question is an edit enabled view of a hosted feature layer.

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Hello Benjamin,

When you open the attribute table of the view, can you see the field?  Is it "name" or is it spelled differently?  When you configure the pop-up, it should give you a list of field names that are valid.

Amanda Bishop, GISP
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Yes I am choosing it from the list of valid names:


when I click on the popup, the proper values displays, but when I edit the feature in field maps is does not display the value, just {name}. see attached

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Benjamin:  Did you ever get an answer to your question?  I am having the same issue.  The same field works when I use it for the popup title but not when I try and make it the title of the form.

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Hi Benjamin.  I am having the same exact problem!  Screenshots below show (1) how the form title was set up in FM on the browser and (2) how form title is displayed in Field Maps for iOS, i.e., instead of displaying the value of the field Grid_ID, it shows "{Grid_ID}" in the form title.  




Esri: Is there a bug logged for this???  

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I found that the fields in the title had to also be somewhere in the form for the values to be displayed.

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