Field maps points not loading correctly

02-22-2023 10:01 AM
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Hi all,


I've set up my arborist with a field map that includes all the tree data, it's directly connected to the server so that whenever he makes a change/update, it will update the layer on the server.

He ran into an issue where the point he was looking for didn't appear. When I took a look at the layer in ArcGIS Pro, all of the points existed, I also checked ArcGIS Online and they were all there as well. On the tablet, field maps would load some of the points seemingly at random, when I zoom in and out the points that are loaded change, but not in an expected way. For example, I managed to make the point he was looking for appear, but when I zoomed in slightly, it (and about half the points nearby) disappeared again.

I don't have any settings limiting the point visibility depending on scale, so I have no idea why this is happening. I gave him the data he was looking for, and reloading the app/changing the zoom back and forth allowed us to find the points we needed, but I'm hoping for a solution that will prevent this issue in the future. 

Right now all I can do is shrug and say 'Esri products act weird sometimes', which is not a very satisfying answer.

Has anyone experienced something similar? Any known solutions?

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Hi Caitlin,

We have also experienced something similar with one of our clients, although with some variations in the data types and location (we're working out of enterprise 10.8 and 10.9) but it appears to be the same kind of issue of points not drawing in correctly (or at all), though only in Field Maps. The maps in the Map Viewer Beta and Classic appear to be fine.

Hoping this will help boost the post and flag this for review. I'll update here if we manage to discover what the issue is as well.

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Exact same issue for our organization as described above. Our data loaded fine in the old collector app, but not in field maps.

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Was there ever a solution to this? I am having the same problem.

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I am experiencing something similar. If I edit as existing point for example changing the status from open to closed in a status field in the layer the point disappears. If I try and change it back to open it still will not appear. So basically, no editing is allowed on existing pints in Field Maps.  

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