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Field Maps photo attachments

04-06-2023 04:54 PM
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Hi! Brand new Field Maps user, still figuring things out. I built a form to collect data in field maps that I've been using on my iPhone (iOS 16.3.1... just noticed there's an update) and iPad (iOS 16.4). I'm attaching photos to data points and can see them in the map viewer online, but unlike when I've added photos to points in other apps, they don't show up in my phone's Camera Roll, which is inconvenient for a bunch of reasons based mostly on how I've come to use my phone for data collection. 🙂  Is there a setting I can change anywhere to allow me to take photos from within Field Apps and still have them saved to my Camera Roll, or alternatively, where can I find the files short of downloading each photo from Map Viewer?  Thanks! 

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They are stored in a local database and not saved as images to the device itself. You can only extract them by copying out the sqlite database onto a desktop, or syncing the map and the downloading/extracting the photos.

Would recommend voting for and adding a comment to this idea:


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If it's really important to see the photos in the Camera Roll at runtime, the user can take a photo using the Camera app, then attach the photo to the observation record:


You'll then have photos on the phone and in the database.