Field Maps - New Features Created with Negative Object ID and Disappear Once App is Closed

12-08-2022 12:43 PM
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I setup the ESRI water distribution solution, hosted on ArcGIS Online.  I then used the asset collector map it gives you with the Field Maps app to collect some GPS data for fire hydrants and valves.  When I submit the features, it looks like they save with no error codes.  The points show up on the map in your current session, but they do not show up in the hosted feature service in ArcGIS Online.  Once I close the Field Maps App (ios and android versions), the points I just collected have vanished.  One other odd thing, after I "submit" a new feature in the Field maps app, is shows that it gave it a "negative" object id number.  It starts at OID -10, then -11, -12 and so on.  

Any ideas what is going on here?  I have been using Collector and Field maps for several years, and never experienced anything like this behavior.



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Hey, we are getting the same issue on our end.

Dan, were you ever able to find a solution to this? 

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