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09-09-2022 01:53 PM
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Hello All,

I have noticed an issue with Field Maps regarding submitting auto-generated field values.

Specifically, concatenating a string value with an auto-generated random number or a GUID.

One of the form expression I used that caused this issue was: "Point- " + mid(guid(),1,5)

It just snips a portion of a random GUID and concatenates it with my text string.

Field Maps will calculate the field. However, it will index through GUID values endlessly and not allow me to submit any data. See below:

Additionally, the same issue arises when I use the same concept, except with a random number expression: "Point- " + round((random()*9999),0)

I was wondering if anyone has run into this issue before or had any insight into a possible workaround.



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Siwixom2, I believe what you are missing from your calculation is the following:

"Point- " + mid($feature["guid"],1,5)

Using the $feature portion of the expression means that only the guid for the feature being edited within Field Maps is utilized in your calculation.

Kathryn Clifton, GISP, PLS
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