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Field Maps: Enter Inspection/Maintenance/Service to All or Multiple Selected Features (Hydrants)? NOT Just One at a Time...

04-13-2021 09:02 AM
Occasional Contributor II

Does Field Maps allow for selecting multiple features and adding the same inspection record to all?  Or do you have to enter in one inspection / 'maintenance service' at a time?


Flushing 250 hydrants a day.  Do I have crews enter in 250 separate flushing inspections/services or can they just select all 250 hydrants and add the same flushing inspection/service to them all, at once?  This would be a huge time savings if Field Maps has this capability...?  Batch related records tool?

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Occasional Contributor

We would also be very interested in this capability. There are many instances where multiple features would receive identical inspection reports.  I know we can edit multiple features at once, but there doesn't seem to be a way to attach multiple forms at once.

New Contributor III

This is also a need for our organization. Hopefully ESRI can give some insight soon.