Field Maps Doesn't Show Map Labels

03-24-2021 04:14 PM
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I'm using Field Maps version 20.2.0 on Android version 11. I published an Electric Utility Network model webmap using Arcgis Pro 2.7 (Enterprise 10.8.1) . Some of the features have the labels turned on and the lables are visible in Pro, as you can see below, but not in Field Maps.


Should Field Maps honor the all the label configuration created in Pro?

Also, I'm interested in understanding how the changes made in Pro to the underlying data are updated in Field Maps. I don't see any refresh button in Field Maps, so what triggers the refresh of the data in Field Maps after an edit is save to the same data in Pro?

Pro Map Labels



Field Maps (Same area)




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Hey @Billy can I connect with you to talk about how you're using a utility network with Field Maps?

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Going to bump this because I am having the same issue. Except in my case, none of my labels are showing up. They are configured and showing up in the web map. They are NOT showing in Field Maps or in the app I built using WAB. I'll also add that I did use the new map viewer to create the map. Not sure if that has any effect. We are using AGOL 10.7.1.



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Any solution to this at this point? The Labels of  some of our projects don´t show up in Field Maps, but in Collector.