Field Maps - Capture date and time of data sync and upload of offline data

04-14-2021 05:28 PM
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I have asked this question in the Collector Community as well. However I think it would be better suited to the Field Maps Community as a possible future enhancement if not already available.

In both Field Maps and Collector I can get Created Date and Time with user, as well as Last Edited Date and Time with user. Is there any way that I can also get the Uploaded Date and Time so that I can quantify when data has been uploaded from a device.

This is particularly important when working with large datasets with many users operating in offline collection mode. For example we have recently collected 15,000+ field observations with hundreds of field staff over a 3 week period. Over the last couple of days there has been no further data collection in the field, however the number of observations has grown by more than 100 new entries. I can only assume that devices that were used in offline mode are now able to upload, or continue to upload cached offline observations.

Without a record of the uploaded Date and Time it is difficult to determine which observations have been recently added as they are all listed by Created Date and Time. This can also identify which teams and users are having delays in synchronising their devices.

Can this be recorded in Field Maps and captured in the attribute table? 

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Great question. I would greatly benefit from this as well.

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