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Field Maps - can you add an "Other" choice to combo box/radio button form elements?

04-23-2024 02:33 PM
New Contributor II

Hello, is it possible to add a dynamic "other" option to combo box/radio button choice form elements in a Field Maps form? 

Its super helpful to have a list of choices to save time in the field by making the common responses readily available. However, there may be some circumstances where the perfect response to a question cannot be predicted ahead of time and I would like to be able to have a dropdown list of options AND be able to type in a unique response if none of those pre-set options are right. Is this possible?

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New Contributor III

I believe you can have a conditional text box that only shows if your combo dropdown is "other".

Occasional Contributor

You can add "Other" as a value to your domain. Then perhaps set up your Fieldmap form to have a conditional field to collect what other values the field worker wants to add. This field is only visible if the previous field value is "Ohter". 



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