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Field Map - all points disappear after adding filter

04-05-2022 09:15 AM
by Anonymous User
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We are using Enterprise 10.9.1.  We have a Field Map app.  The field map app displays several points. Therefore, we apply a filter to the feature layer to remove those points older than 4 weeks old that have a closed status. We have always used this filter, since the upgrade to 10.9.1 we have had an issue. 

The issue is once I apply the filter, all of the points disappear. 

Has anyone experienced this? Is this a bug? Thank you.


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could possibly be a bug since you just upgraded... but quick questions... when do you apply the filter? In the map, web app, or feature class before publishing?

Amanda Bishop, GISP
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by Anonymous User
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I apply the filter in the classic map viewer.

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Yes, this is a bug logged in a couple environments.

BUG-000136699 - Field Maps on Android

BUG-000121972 - Collector on iOS

We have the same problem and we're on Field Maps on iOS. Here's a post a colleague made about it a while ago: