Field data collection with mobile map package without going through ArcGIS Online

03-07-2023 12:07 PM
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Hi everyone, 

Is there a way to use the data collection form that you can create on the FieldMaps Designer without going through ArcGIS Online? We have the license to use it, but the data we need to have in the field is pretty big, so was trying sideloading the package onto the device (iPad) and also would like to avoid using credits for storing big files on there. But just realized that if I don't have the map available on our ArcOnline account, then I cannot create a form in the Designer.

I know I can do some basic note-taking and coordinate marking without having the form, but the form would really streamline the collection/validation process in the field. Any ideas? Thanks!


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I would be curious to know of a solution as well. We have difficulties uploading large data for offline use to our devices and as you have mentioned, sideloading doesn't allow for usage of the form. 

This has been quite the learning curve adjusting to field maps from previously using Terrasync; especially in terms of offline usage. The application seems fine when used online, but severely lacks in offline capabilities. 

Hope we hear a response!