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Feature layers that participate in View layers cannot be used offline

06-18-2022 08:14 AM
Occasional Contributor

I have been following an ESRI 5 part series for inspection workflows by @EricWagner, which has been very useful. However, I have since discovered that in creating Hosted Feature Layer Views with dynamic symbology - this prevents me from editing the source layer schema, without first deleting the Layer View and losing all the associated symbolisation, which is a pain because the schema is updated frequently.

Furthermore, I have read an article from 2018 by @PaulBarker that states that 

feature layers that participate in view layers with joins cannot have their schema altered and are always read-only and cannot be used offline.

I was intending to use this inspection workflow in an offline environment, where I wish to add features to the feature layer and then inspect them. So my question is what modifications will I need, to make this workflow (with dynamic symbology) possible offline?

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